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The Rise of Home-Like Offices and How they Boost Productivity

For the longest time, offices have been seen as cold, uninviting spaces designed to make workers forget the world outside. The bland cubicles with dull fluorescent light and closed doors struck dread in the hearts of even the most loyal workers.

That’s all about to change in the Nairobi landscape. Designers are now keen on creating places where people want to return. The focus is now on warm, inviting spaces similar to a person’s living room, where they feel welcome.

Where to Find Cosy Workspaces in Nairobi

The Nook Co-working space in Westlands, is one that has embraced this trend wholeheartedly. At our center, an overstuffed sofa surrounded by colourful fabric seats invite members to settle in and start on their weekly reports. This lounge also doubles as a place to hold informal meetings.

Well-thought-out lighting, ambient sound, and desk choices have been found to make entrepreneurs more physically comfortable, which leaves them with fewer distractions and better focus.

A World-wide Trend?

American company Pinterest, is another example of an office that has gone the extra mile. The multi-storey warehouse hosts galleries for employees’ personal collections such as typewriters, radios, and other collectibles. These are displayed to reflect different tastes and result in a colourful, eclectic vybe. According to the designer at Hughes Marino, another forward thinking company, employees should be “happy and successful, not just in work but in life.”

Pinterest office

So why are employers investing so heavily in these new ways of working?

Some trace this trend back to the popular book by Richard Florida, ‘The Rise of the Creative Class’. Florida identified key elements that make certain cities and companies attractive to the best creative talent. In the author’s view, highly-sought-after workers aren’t satisfied with working in an anonymous cubicle. Instead, they gravitate to the stimulation of artistic cityscapes. Basically, the trend of redesign is a way to attract and retain top-notch talent.

How Does Design Work for You?

A top notch design impresses clients which leads to increased business. When clients come to an office for a meeting, they can learn a lot about the business based on how the workspace looks. If everything is chaotic or disorganized, they can easily get the impression that a startup won’t be able to keep up with their needs.

In conclusion, property managers that want to attract small but fast-growing tenants such as tech startups need to keep up with these trends. Luckily, some have already started. Visit for more information.

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